Task Management Software

Task Management Software

KG Software is one of the best Task Management software development company in Pune. The best way to manage your workforce tasks. Create the task , set deadlines and assign, the rest will be taken care of task management software. It will do the task follow ups, deadline alerts, daily work entries, work summaries and lot more. 

Task Management Feature

Tasks and Subtasks

Achieve more by breaking big tasks into smaller multi level sub tasks


Manage complexity by breaking big project into smaller multi level projects

Due Date

Easily add due dates and get notified about missed deadlines

Time Tracking

Track time spent on tasks, generate spent time reports


Add as many details as you want using task comments and get notified when comments are added.


Progress and spent time reporting.  

Visualize your productivity

Track your productivity and visualize your achievement trends over time.


Assign tasks to your team mates, get notified when task is updated or completed 

Task Number

Reference items by unique number, used in issue tracking

Benefits of Task Management

task management software development company in pune

Key Benefits of using Task Management Software

Keep tasks is one place

Save time and stay on schedule by delegating and tracking tasks. Say goodbye to losing work or scrambling to track down information.

Prioritize your work

Task tracking allows teams to see which tasks are most important or time intensive with kgsoftware , there's no guesswork to figure out what to work on first.

Improve Collaboration

Share files , feedback , ideas, and more so anyone can tap into your team's shared knowledge 

Track Team Progress

Check in on the status of your team's projects at a glance. Easily see status changes and updates on individual tasks.

Put project work at your fingertips

With a desktop and a mobile app you can manage your teams tasks on the go no matter where you are.

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