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Roster Management

Roster Management is  the process of managing employee shift assignments , working hours and leave. It includes creating and managing staff  schedules, as well as tracking employee availability and shift preference. KG Software is one of the best roster management software development company in pune. Roster management software can automate much of this process, making it easier to manage employee shifts and ensuring that everyone has the hours they need.

Benefits of Roster Management

Increase Efficiency

A well managed roster can help an organization to more efficiently use its employees by ensuring that the right employees are working on the right tasks at the right time

Improved communication

By having a centralized system for managing employee roles and responsibilities, communication within the organization can be improved

Increased flexibility

Roster management can help to increase the flexibility of an organization by allowing it to quickly adjust to changes in staffing requirements.

Reduced Costs

By using employees more efficiently, roster management can help to reduce the costs of running organization.

Better Planning

Roster management can help to improve planning within an organization by providing a clear view of the resources that are available

Increase Staff Satisfaction

A well managed roster can help to improve staff satisfaction by ensuring that employees are working in roles that are appropriate for their skills and interests.

A solution that is made just for you

daily commute
Daily Commutes
late night cabs
Late night shifts
holiday trip planning
Holiday trip scheduling
emergency tips
Emergency Trips
Employee Time-offs
female cab
Female only cabs

We offer 3 Separate applications for manager, employee and driver

roster management software development company in pune
Roster Manager
Roster Employee
roaster drivers
Roster Driver

Roster Manager Feature

Planning routes for hundreds of employees, adjusting trip schedules for holidays, or keeping transportation costs low isn't easy. That why we're here to help 

Manage fleets

Add and monitor all corporate fleets. Get access to real time fleet location & fleet performance metrics.

Manage Trips

Managers can track all ongoing trips. They're aware of missed , visited, unwanted and total stops

Manage fleets

Define routes that are cost- effective, fast and economical. Access optimized routes every day.

Manage Drivers

See where your drivers are, what they are doing & how well they are driving at any given time.

Manage Employees

Maintain essential employee information like name, gender, mobile no, roster details & more digitally

manager feature

More features of Roster Manager

White Labeling & customization

Keep your brand name & customize ETS as per your requirements

Powerful Integration

Expand the system's functionality by integrating 3rd party software systems or ERPs.


Break down operational costs and see how each penny gets spent

Software Development

Option to launch the system on private servers or on the AWS cloud

24/7 Support

Free software training . Dedicate support team round the clock. It's the perfect combo.

Reports and Charts

Exhaustive reports that keep you updated with drivers, trips and vehicular data at all times.

Features of Roster Employee

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Features of Roster Drivers

trip details

Assigned Trip

Drivers can review current or upcoming trips that get assigned to them. 

pickup drop details

Pickup-Drop Details

Know which employees are to be picked up or dropped off along a route.

navigation details

Navigation Details

Guided navigation for unknown routes so they're never lost

alerts msg


Real- time alerts for missed stops, route deviation, or trip assignment.

Overcoming organizational pain points

Corporate fleet management cannot get easier than this

Without Roster Management App With Roster Management App
Manual trip planning
Automated trip planning
Spend precious business hours planning routes
Spend about 5 mins on planning routes
Randomly assigned routes
Highly optimized routes
Zero fuel savings
20% reduction in fuel costs
No idea where your fleets are
Real-time, glitch- free vehicle tracking (24/7)
Same or sometimes even longer waiting times
Leave your home mins before your ride arrives
Can't make data- driven decisions
Allocate fleet resources based on solid data
Can't react to emergencies
Svg Vector Icons :
SOS button for emergency/ accidents
Manual attendance
QR code/ RFID attendance

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