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KG software is a leading provider of one – stop  software product and applications for biometrics and identity management to businesses across different industry verticals. We strive to work in close co-operation with out clients to deliver state of the art biometrics application development services. KG Software is one of the best biometric software development company in Pune.

biometric software development company in pune

Our market driven biometrics software development services

Being a leading software development company, helps businesses with the development of biometric fingerprint software and time attendance tracking applications to reduce the risk of hacking and unanticipated intrusion. Our range of biometric software development services are :

Biometric Identification

We help businesses to develop highly scalable and reliable software solutions for comprehensive biometric  identification and de- duplication with the effective  implementation of fingerprint , face recognition.

Mobile Biometric substantiation

We can help you with the development of mobile biometric substantiation solution encompassing biometric match and fraud detection data with the effective use of face and voice recognition feature.

Cloud based Biometric identification

With our cloud based biometric APIs and bespoke solution, you can leverage the benefits of the biometric face and fingerprint image verification, matching to improve your identity system

Web browser based biometric solutions

With our web browser based biometric registration & information management software, you can seamlessly record biographic information, fingerprints in a browser

Why should you choose Us ?

Identity verification

Allocated ID and selfie images to verify the identification of the individuals.

Integrated anti- spoofing protection

You can chase off the tricksters and defend against spoofing frequencies with face live detection software application.

Cross- platform portability

Enables your users to enroll, just with a click of a button while using a webcam and verify the identity later from a new device

Optimized user experience

Generate a highly intuitive and user friendly experience on multiple channels while integrating on additional layer of security.

Lightning fast authentication

Expedite the authentication process and provide a conclusive match & no match results in fraction of a second.

Multichannel Authentication

KG software authentication software supports both native iOS and android mobile platforms and web applications.

Advantage of biometric software solution

With biometric software development, you can effectively safeguard confidential data, improve the security of assets and events, & streamline user experience across a wide range of devices.


Rely on our biometric software development services to save time & resources & free up your IT department to focus on strategic tasks.


you can minimize the risk of hacker attacks and data breaches caused by a lost or stolen password with biometrics-based authentication that uses attributes that can't be lost or easily faked.

Cost efficiency

Password and token based authentication systems are costly to support in the long run. Replace your legacy system with custom biometrics driven software solution


Design your biometric software solution with compatibility in mind to ensure quick and frictionless data exchange with other business critical system such as IOT platform.


The speed and accuracy of biometric software solutions to identify individuals in a matter of seconds. Increase your organization's operational efficiency and rest assured that the access your data & property is 100% secure.


Install a biometric access and attendance control systems to create an accurate audit trail & encourage a higher degree of accountability.

Applying biometrics development to your business challenges


Biometric Verification & Authentication

  • Lightning quick customer onboarding and verification
  • Border control automation
  • Identity fraud prevention
  • Facilitating passenger experience

Biometric Access Control

  • Construction site  access
  • Gym facilities access tracking 
  • Restricting personnel access to critical systems
  • Seamless drug dispensing facility operation

Biometric Public Security 

  • Serving high security facilities 
  • Identification of banned patrons 
  • Detecting suspicious behavior in public spaces
  • Police evidence collection and processing

Knowledge Gain Software is provide the highest- quality of IT solution process. We are dedicated to build long term relationship with each customer.


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